3 Tier Bamboo Spice Rack

3 Tier Bamboo Spice Rack

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Model: Storage Rack

Product information

3-Tier Spice Rack With Adjustable Shelf: 3-Tier spice rack helps you store and classify different kinds of bottles orderly to create a tidy countertop environment. 

It comes with 2 large adjustable shelves so that you can according your different items size to adjusted height.

Length: 35cm;  width: 17.5cm; Max hight: 45cm 

100% Natural Bamboo Material: Made of 100% natural bamboo material, the spice rack is waterproof as well as durable. 

Smooth surface without any burr can not only ensure the attractiveness of appearance but also protect your hand from injury. 

Sturdy Construction with Protective Bars: Constructed by thick bamboo ,the spice rack shelf loading bearing ups to 45lbs. 

Painted an eco-friendly varnish that helps provide stain resistance. 

Stability thanks in part to the non-slip design and solid construction elements. 

And open shelf will be convenient for you to take spice bottles within easy reach while cooking. 

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